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My name is Tristen Seybold and I am a hairstylist with 7 years experience.


More than a year ago I moved from South Lake Tahoe, CA to Austin. Well, I've decided to put down roots and make Austin my new home.

I have been around the industry all of my life, with my grandpa and mom both being hairstylists. 


After graduating high school I went straight to beauty school, knowing what my true passion was. I got my cosmetology licence and moved to South Lake Tahoe, where I spent 5 years perfecting my trade. 

I specialize in cutting hair and using its natural texture to get an effortless beautiful look. I love to use color to emphasize the beauty of the cut. I have also spent time on learning to cut and style curly hair.
I'm Excited to make Austin my new home and to keep the "Keep Austin Weird" vibe alive!  

 If you are interested in booking an appointment, call me or message me. (530) 315-0858

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