Audrey Kosclski is a Licensed Massage Therapist with Muscle Rehab with Audrey in Temple, Texas.


She has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2017 and completed her Massage Therapy training from New Beginnings School of Massage in Killeen Texas.


She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance with a Health and Wellness Promotion minor from Southwest Texas State University of San Marcos Texas along with an American Sports & Fitness Association stretching certificate.  


Her focus is helping individuals who suffer from chronic muscle pain, muscle injuries and athletes needing additional muscle recovery.  

She specializes in therapeutic massage which includes deep tissue, myofascial release, stretching, cupping, scraping and Aerial Muscle Work™ (AERIAL MASSAGE™).


Most of her clients are fascia bound with chronic pain and lack mobility and flexibility. Her clients generally suffer from poor postural habits and/or overuse of repetitive movements.

Her therapeutic massage treatments will help relieve muscle stiffness and pain by elongating the muscle fibers and bring circulation to that area to heal.


Audrey's most rewarding part of being a massage therapist is the ability to make a positive and noticeable difference in the client's physical well being. She wants individuals to live their best muscle life! Audrey is very active in her daily life and committed to movement with her hobbies of aerial dance, wakesurfing, flowboarding and surfing.  She also enjoys to travel and explore water destinations!


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