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Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary process that softens, shines and straightens hair. Thermal reconditioning — also known as Japanese straightening — seems like yesterday’s news compared to this hot import from Brazil. We now offer Global Keratin Treatment too. Please ask one of the beauty professional listed below

Brazilian Keratin Treatment — a curl relaxer, also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Hair Straightening, Brazilian Blowout or just BKT, it first came to the United States a few years ago. But over the past year, its populairty has taken off due to several reasons. There are several versions of the treatment but the basics are the same.

Jenna, one of our customers who just had the BKT, is thrilled with the results. She says her hair has body and shine, and only takes five minutes to style. And frizz is a thing of the past.

“It opens the door to hairstyles I’ve always wanted but didn’t think I could have,” she says. “Now you can see the layers, you can see the highlights, you can see the flips. I am so happy - you have no idea.”

A big selling point of BKT is that it doesn’t have the strong chemicals - sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate - that are in most relaxers and straighteners. These harsh chemicals can cause damage, scalp itch and breakage.

Instead, the active ingredient is keratin, a protein similar to a component in human hair, which naturally straightens the hair. Unlike many chemical processes, Brazilian Keratin Treatment works best on hair that’s been color processed, highlighted or chemically treated.

Here are some of advantages of BKT:

Unlike other types of relaxers, the treatment can be used over any kind of straightening.

“The keratin fits right on the hair’s cortex,” says Asma Rafati one of Grapevine Salons' stylists certified in BKT treatment. “It works as a treatment and a straightener at the same time. It actually strengthens the hair’s cuticle.”

With Brazilian Keratin Treatment, a stylist applies a solution made with keratin. Using a 450-degree iron, the hairdresser seals the formula onto the outer layer of the cuticle. It sticks to the cuticle’s rough edges, trapping moisture and hydrating the hair.

The process takes about 2-4 hours and typically lasts from six weeks to a few months — longer for color treated hair — depending on how often the hair is washed. There is no demarcation line between the treated hair and new growth.

Kids should not be around when this service is being done. Pregnant or nursing women cannot get the treatment done.

Find a stylist who is experienced with the treatment because there have been reports of damage. Go for a consultation beforehand to learn about the product and what you can expect from it.

Call one of the individuals below to schedule your BKT:

Stylists Certified in BKT or Global Keratin

Phone Number
Grapevine Salons - Central Austin 7942 Great Northern Blvd. 78757
Olivia Carolyn Sosa 512-485-1007
Megan McCoy 512-461-3557
Shelly Wynn 512-485-1009
Jenna Yates 512-485-1012
Grapevine Salons - South Austin 5700 S. MoPac Suite B220 78749
 Asma Rafati 512-685-3033
 Andee Voltz 512-685-3004
 Melissa Hastings 512-685-3003
Jamyl Natal 512-685-3033
 Veronica Balderas 512-685-3005
Jenna Hendrickson 512-685-3018
 Karen Curry 512-685-3014
Sheryl Perales 512-685-3026
Kelly Cook 512-685-3020
Lilli Eggleston 512-685-3029
Karen Rohlf 512-685-3032
Michelle Lee 512-809-6729
Kim Whitted (all organic products) 512-685-3023
Grapevine Salons at the Grapevine Centre
7942 Great Northern Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78757
Grapevine Salons - South MoPac
5700 S. MoPac Expwy, Suite B-220
Austin, Texas 78749

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